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Life is What You Make It: Crafting Our Destinies a Little Each Day

Life is what you make it. This simple yet profound truth captures the essence of human resilience and potential. Life is what you make it means harnessing the power within to transform challenges into opportunities and create your own path to fulfillment. It speaks to our ability to transform challenges into opportunities to rewrite our […]

Female Entrepreneurs: Jessica Drain, Co-Founder of SewTites

Innovation is a constant driver of progress in the ever-evolving landscape of crafting and sewing. Being innovative is an area where many female entrepreneurs thrive. Jessica Drain, co-founder of SewTites, along with her sister Jamie, have exemplified the spirit of female entrepreneurship by transforming a simple idea into a thriving business that serves the unique […]

Entrepreneurial Challenges: From ‘The Hustle’ to Success

Entrepreneurial challenges include securing funding, carving out a market niche, and managing the emotional rollercoaster that accompanies the entrepreneurial journey. For me, the most daunting battles have been the loneliness and financial strain. These entrepreneurial challenges have deeply marked my journey as a co-founder of Resilient Stories. Particularly the financial sacrifices required and the profound […]

You May Be Underqualified, But You Can Absolutely Get The Job

Ever stumbled upon a job listing that sparked a little fire in your heart, only to scroll down to the qualifications and think, “Well, that’s not me, I’m unqualified”? You’re not alone. Many of us have been there, hovering over the ‘apply’ button, only to shy away because we didn’t tick every single box on […]

Facing Career Challenges With Relentless Resilience and True Grit

We’ve gathered profound insights from top executives, including CEOs and IT specialists, on the transformative power of career challenges they faced on their career development journey.  They share how embracing setbacks as learning opportunities and demonstrating resilience can turn a significant failure into a springboard for success. These four compelling stories chart the journey from […]

Have No Career and It’s Not Meeting Family Expectations?

Are you struggling with family expectations and disappointment about your career, or lack thereof? You’re not alone. Whether you’re facing the pressure to pursue a particular profession, get on one track and stay there, or feel behind by societal standards, this article addresses the heart of the challenge—finding your own career path amidst family expectations. […]

Forging a Unique Career Path: My Unconventional Story

My college experience and career path were not linear at all. Not everyone goes to college for four years, graduates, finds their dream job, and lives happily ever after. For some of us, it is an arduous quest, with many starts and stops, including a few ‘come to Jesus’ moments. In those moments when you […]