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Female Entrepreneurs: Jessica Drain, Co-Founder of SewTites

Innovation is a constant driver of progress in the ever-evolving landscape of crafting and sewing. Being innovative is an area where many female entrepreneurs thrive. Jessica Drain, co-founder of SewTites, along with her sister Jamie, have exemplified the spirit of female entrepreneurship by transforming a simple idea into a thriving business that serves the unique […]

The Birth and Deaths That Saved Me: A Healing Journey

Written By: Krista Lindquist (Including excerpts from Krista’s memoir, The Daisy Diaries, and her contribution to The Ancestors Within: Honor and Celebrate Your Sacred Origins) Before turning eighteen, a tragic love triangle nearly ended my life. Within one year, the shock of two unbelievably traumatic accidents involving my former high school boyfriends left me crawling […]

How I Found Radical Self-Acceptance in Overwhelming Adversity

Written by: Chelsey Dotson In early 2018, my life took an unexpected turn that would profoundly reshape the person I was. I had no idea that in a short time, I would be plunged into a world of monumental uncertainties and emotions. I found myself on a journey I never anticipated- one of intense struggle […]

Dating in Your 40s: A Journey of Strength and Self-Love

Dating in Your 40s: Written by Prudence Lybeck Dating in your 40s, being resilient, and being an independent woman looks like me. It’s about embracing my journey, finding strength in my independence, and facing life’s ups and downs with unwavering determination. I’m charting my own path, pursuing my passions, and defining success on my terms. […]

Abandonment Issues: Healing Through Self-Love and Faith

Written by: Kelsey Elizabeth Matthews Looking back on the events and experiences of my childhood, it is easy to see how abandonment issues have shaped me into the woman I am today. There are many themes that I can identify, woven through the tapestry of my life, like the intricate, colorful pattern of a knitted […]

The Road Traveled: My Journey as a TBI Survivor

Written by: Lia Munson as told by Jeremy Schultz. In the sunlit spring of 1997, just weeks shy of completing third grade, I reveled in the freedom of bicycle rides—a passion nurtured by countless excursions alongside my father and two sisters. We often traversed a familiar 4-mile loop near our home, and those are some […]

What Does it Mean to Love Someone: A Personal Lesson on Love

Written by: Kelsey Elizabeth Matthews I think all human beings have one deeply rooted core desire in common: to love and be loved in return. The severely broken world we live in complicates this simple and straightforward task. Thus, many of us wonder, “What does it mean to love someone?” Having been raised in a […]

Understanding Childhood Trauma and Resilience: It’s Complicated

Written By: Kristin Oesterle When you grow up experiencing complex childhood trauma, the word resilient becomes a word you hear often. From trusted guidance counselors to neighbors who knew the troubles I was facing at home, they all had something to say about my resiliency. But did they know what childhood resilience actually meant? Was […]

Healing After Divorce: Ashley’s Journey of Rebuilding Her Life

Written by: Ashley Kinshella Today, I want to share a deeply personal story with you about finding healing after divorce. This journey through heartbreak, resilience, and recovery has shaped the woman I am today. This is not just my narrative to write, but a beacon of hope for anyone facing a similar experience and struggle. […]