Tag: Friendship

Talk to Someone: Navigating Challenges Through Conversations

Life’s journey brings with it many complex emotions and challenging situations. From childhood through adulthood, the phases of our lives bring different challenges and needs for communication and support. There have been many moments in my life where I needed to talk to someone. During tough times, having someone to talk to can provide significant […]

How to Get Out of Survival Mode & Use Resilience Instead

In today’s world, we can all use some guidance on how to get out of survival mode and start living in “thrival” mode. The feeling of exhaustion, anxiety, and depression is at an unprecedented high and has made it so that most people merely survive day-to-day and never have the energy to strive for something […]

Tell Your Story: Impactful Storytelling and Powerful Healing

When you tell your story, you help to heal yourself and the collective heart of the world. Your story is one of the 8 billion stories that exist on earth today, and each story is a thread. All the threads are unknowingly and inextricably linked, woven together into the tapestry that is the human experience. […]