Author: Dr. Donna Bulatowicz

A Scenic Road to Self-Healing: Embracing Nature & Inner Strength

Trigger warning: This story mentions the author’s sexual abuse as a child. Do we really have the ability to self-heal? What does self-healing look like? The process is different for everyone, and it may come in a form you don’t expect. Before me lay an alpine meadow along the Beartooth Pass on the border of […]

Rediscovering My Strength Through Healing in Community

Trigger Warning: This story references childhood sexual assault. When someone with more social capital and other power than me caused immense harm, I hoped that my community would help me heal.  Although it took decades to occur, I am currently part of various healing communities and have support from so many loved ones on my […]

Rediscovering Life After COVID: One Woman’s Journey

Written by: Donna Bulatowicz Life after COVID-19 feels drastically different from life before COVID-19. I can no longer do so much that I once took for granted, and my body doesn’t function as well as it used to. I have more health challenges, and research has yet to catch up on how to treat this […]

The Stories We Tell Ourselves Wield Astounding Power In Our Life

Trigger Warning: This story addresses childhood sexual abuse. Stories profoundly influence us, including the stories we tell ourselves. They shape our thoughts, actions, and world. As we go through our days, we construct narratives about our interactions, what we see on the news, and about ourselves. We tell tales about our past, present, and imagined […]

Books as Mirrors, Windows, & Sliding Glass Doors Inspired Healing

Trigger warning: This story references sexual abuse as a child. I was unaware of the concept of books as mirrors, windows, and sliding glass doors until I was in my Master of Education program. Understanding the idea that we need to see ourselves represented in literature helped me view my childhood and young adult life […]

A Single Story Narrative Protected The Woman Who Molested Me

Mrs. Smith is a pseudonym. “A woman wouldn’t molest a girl,” the officer scoffed, tossing down his pad and pen. “And Mrs. Smith? She’s married. Has a husband and sons. Why are you making up these accusations?” He believed the single story of who a predator is. I stared at the officer in disbelief. Once […]