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Life is What You Make It: Crafting Our Destinies a Little Each Day

Life is what you make it. This simple yet profound truth captures the essence of human resilience and potential. Life is what you make it means harnessing the power within to transform challenges into opportunities and create your own path to fulfillment. It speaks to our ability to transform challenges into opportunities to rewrite our […]

Uplifting Optimistic Quotes to Help You Find Light in The Dark

Optimistic quotes can be a powerful tool to foster a positive mindset and resilience. Unlike toxic positivity, which dismisses negative emotions, these quotes acknowledge life’s challenges while promoting a hopeful and proactive attitude. By embracing hope and optimism, you can shift your perspective and better navigate difficulties. How can you do that? Here are a […]

A Scenic Road to Self-Healing: Embracing Nature & Inner Strength

Trigger warning: This story mentions the author’s sexual abuse as a child. Do we really have the ability to self-heal? What does self-healing look like? The process is different for everyone, and it may come in a form you don’t expect. Before me lay an alpine meadow along the Beartooth Pass on the border of […]

The Birth and Deaths That Saved Me: A Healing Journey

Written By: Krista Lindquist (Including excerpts from Krista’s memoir, The Daisy Diaries, and her contribution to The Ancestors Within: Honor and Celebrate Your Sacred Origins) Before turning eighteen, a tragic love triangle nearly ended my life. Within one year, the shock of two unbelievably traumatic accidents involving my former high school boyfriends left me crawling […]

You Are Enough: Embrace Yourself and Live From the Heart

In a world that constantly pushes you to be more, do more, and achieve more, it’s easy to forget that you are enough simply by being you. This article explores the profound message of “You are enough.” Along with its significance in our journey toward feeling free, liberated, and unburdened in our spiritual healing and […]

How I Found Radical Self-Acceptance in Overwhelming Adversity

Written by: Chelsey Dotson In early 2018, my life took an unexpected turn that would profoundly reshape the person I was. I had no idea that in a short time, I would be plunged into a world of monumental uncertainties and emotions. I found myself on a journey I never anticipated- one of intense struggle […]

From ‘I Hate My Life’ to Thriving: A Journey of Transformation

“I hate my life.” If you’ve ever uttered these words, you are not alone. Many people grapple with overwhelming negative feelings and difficult emotions at various times. It’s natural to feel this way, especially when faced with life’s unexpected challenges and painful moments. That is the reason we started this site: to remind people that […]

Quotes That Hit Hard: Fuel Your Inner Drive

In our quest for meaning and motivation, we often seek out quotes that hit hard—words that resonate deeply and reflect the complexities of our lives. Whether you’re navigating life’s challenges, seeking spiritual inspiration, or looking for a boost of positive energy in the present moment, the right quote can offer a powerful perspective. From Steve […]

The Road Traveled: My Journey as a TBI Survivor

Written by: Lia Munson as told by Jeremy Schultz. In the sunlit spring of 1997, just weeks shy of completing third grade, I reveled in the freedom of bicycle rides—a passion nurtured by countless excursions alongside my father and two sisters. We often traversed a familiar 4-mile loop near our home, and those are some […]