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Losing Your Job Is A Continuation of The Journey

Rediscovering your purpose after losing your job can be challenging. It is possible, though. A little resilience and positive thinking can go a long way.

Four years ago, I realized my educational and career goals had landed me a decent job but that I was not living the life I wanted.

I had a Master’s in Management and Leadership but hated the corporate world. I ended up on that path after a series of life choices and setbacks, but it was not the path I planned. Losing a job was not something I had faced yet in my life, though.

A Little Background on My Career

Originally, I wanted a degree in journalism. I wanted to be the next Christiane Amanpour and then write fiction on the side. You know, for fun.

I wrote for the county newspaper once in high school. One of my poems ended up in a book. Journals and journals filled with story ideas littered my bedroom.

I began my online writing career at 17 with a short stint at the now-defunct For those who don’t know, it was a website that started in the 90s, and you could “visit the site and post articles about a range of topics.”

I was a paid writer, and each word brought me joy. Writing was how I coped with all the trauma from my childhood. Life had taught me more lessons than most kids my age, but they were all about survival, not following your purpose.

I knew how to keep living despite what I viewed then as the universe’s way of trying to take me out at every turn. Those survival skills affected my choices and the career path I ultimately chose.

Then, almost exactly four years ago, something happened. The lessons of survival had been tempered with the soul-burning desire to dream and thrive. I wanted to be who I believed I was always meant to be.

So, I started my journey on Medium, got a few Upwork clients, and then, a few months later, quit my managerial job after they furloughed me during COVID-19. I was fully supporting myself with my writing and thought:

This is as good as it gets!

I was wrong…it got infinitely better

Losing Your Job Often Leads to Opportunities You Might Not Expect

Soon, I was writing for one client and making more than I ever had at my professional jobs. My first article for him was an article about Happy Birthday quotes, but the scope of my writing changed to self-help and mental health, especially as I pursued a Ph.D. in psychology.

Then, I got involved in the publishing and editing process. Before I knew it, I was managing editor. This job was AMAZING!

I was making close to six figures and immersing myself in motivational and inspirational content from a truly talented group of writers and storytellers. I carefully researched and assigned each keyword to the writer whose life aligned with the topic.

My job was perfect, and not a day went by that I was not thankful for where my leap of faith had taken me. I wouldn’t have thought losing my managerial job could have greatly altered my life.

Then, on Friday evening, I was reminded that everything in life is temporary.

Like a sandcastle, all is temporary.

Jack Kornfield

The CEO of our small company let me know that with ad rates being what they are and Google’s recent updates, traffic was down. We would likely have to lay off my team, and it would be him and me battling the storm.

A woman with all her office items in a box, while she looks down with her hand on her forehead after losing her job.

The Unforeseen Turn in My Dream Job Journey

My heart broke for my team when I read the message that I had hoped we could avoid this morning. A text on my phone let me know he had messaged our writers and to call him. I had a terrible feeling in the pit of my stomach.

As I sat, absorbing the words that echoed through the phone, a sense of disbelief enveloped me. I had lost my job — a role that was not just a means of livelihood but a dream embodied.

The job was a perfect alignment of my passion for writing and my deeply held belief in the transformative power of inspirational and motivational content.

This job was more than a profession; it was a part of my identity, a testament to my journey of overcoming adversity and inspiring others to do the same.

The Dream Job That Wasn’t Meant to Last Forever

My journey to what I believed was my forever job was both a labor of love and a testament to my commitment to my craft. As a writer and editor, I found a profound connection in creating content that not only informed but uplifted and inspired.

This job was the culmination of years of hard work, dedication, and the unwavering belief that we each have a purpose to discover. It was a beacon of hope where my personal and professional aspirations converged.

However, the rapidly changing landscape of the internet, with its relentless waves of transformation, eventually eroded the foundation of my beautifully built sandcastle.

Confronting Shock and Grief After Losing Your Job

I thought this company would be my career’s final and most fulfilling chapter, and my castle was solid.

The news of my job loss struck me like the onslaught of the tide’s powerful waves. Right before my eyes, life as I knew it was being washed out to sea. This was not just the loss of a job but the dismantling of a dream, the disruption of a path I had envisioned walking until retirement.

In this moment of upheaval, I revisited the ghosts from my past traumas. Was I not good enough? Did I not try hard enough? What could I have done differently?

These were all things I had grown up asking myself. He assured me it was none of these things, but still… those childhood wounds are so hard to close.

I realized that grieving and moving on from a professional setback requires the same resilience and introspection as overcoming more personal trials.

A document with bold lettering that reads 'Employment Termination.' A pair of glasses and a pen sit next to it.

Embracing Change and Rediscovering Resilience

Losing my job unexpectedly reminded me that change, though often daunting, is a constant companion in our life’s journey. It is in these moments of upheaval that our resilience is tested and our true strength revealed.

Drawing from the well of experiences where I met adversity with determination and transformed hardship into growth, I find myself poised to navigate this new challenge.

This situation, while disheartening, presents a unique opportunity to reassess my path and explore new avenues in the ever-changing realm of digital content creation.

There is Hope if You Have Lost Your Job

As I stand at this unforeseen crossroads, I extend a message of hope and perseverance to others who may find themselves in similar situations. Losing a job, especially one that resonates so deeply with our passions and ideals, can be a profound setback.

Yet, it is also an opportunity to rekindle our dreams and redefine our goals. I do not know where exactly I will go from here. But I do hope it will involve sharing my story and helping others believe in themselves and their dreams.

Remember that in the grand landscape of life, much like a sandcastle sculpted on the shore, every wave that washes away the old gives us the sand to build anew, presenting us with endless possibilities and the promise of a fresh beginning.

Eleanor Tweddle, author of Why Losing Your Job Could be the Best Thing That Ever Happened to You: Five Simple Steps to Thrive after Redundancy (paid link), believes that when a door closes in your life, it can be a good thing if you want it to be. We couldn’t agree more!

Tell us about an opportunity you discovered after losing your job in the comment section below.

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