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78 Letting Go Quotes for Forgiveness & Forging New Paths

These letting go quotes provide the guidance and support needed to release the chains of the past and move forward stronger and more resilient than before.

Embark on a journey through insights and affirmations that offer the solace and strength to let go, forgive, heal, and open yourself to new possibilities.

In the journey of life, we often find ourselves at a crossroads, clutching onto memories, people, and past versions of ourselves.

However, the art of letting go (paid link) and embracing forgiveness of ourselves and others is a transformative process that can lead to profound personal growth and happiness.

This collection of quotes is a treasure trove of wisdom on how to let go. It is designed to uplift, inspire, and guide you through the process of releasing what no longer serves you and moving forward with grace and resilience.

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Some key takeaways you will learn are:

  • The ability to let go is essential to personal growth and embracing change, as it allows us to welcome new opportunities and experiences.
  • Healing from emotional pain requires recognizing and releasing it, and forgiveness is key to moving past resentment and fostering self-growth.
  • In relationships, avoiding toxic ties can lead to better mental health, and focusing on self-love and self-worth sets the foundation for healthier connections.

Forgiveness, both of oneself and others, is a key component of letting go. It is a powerful act of liberation that frees us from the chains of negativity and allows us to step into a brighter, more peaceful future.

How Does Forgiveness Play a Role in Letting Go?

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Exploring the deep connection between forgiveness and resilience, we’ve gathered insights from founders and leaders across various industries.

From shifting perspectives through forgiveness to embracing it for resilience, discover the profound thoughts these experts offer on how forgiveness is integral to bouncing back from adversity.

Shift Perspective Through Forgiveness

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“Holding onto anger and resentment prevents your ability to recover from adversity, as these emotions will consume your energy and focus that could otherwise be directed toward healing and growth.

By choosing forgiveness, you can shift your perspective from victimhood to empowerment, which allows for you to learn and grow from your past experiences and trauma.

When you learn to let go and moving forward, you develop your capacity to adapt to challenges that lie ahead and strengthen your resilience.”

Bayu Prihandito, Founder, Psychology Consultant, Life Coach for Men, Life Architekture

Embrace Forgiveness for Resilience

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“Forgiveness plays a pivotal role in letting go and building resilience, serving as a catalyst for an individual’s ability to bounce back from adversity.

Embracing forgiveness enables individuals to release the emotional burdens associated with grievances and resentments, fostering a psychological environment conducive to resilience.

By releasing anger and resentment, one can redirect mental and emotional energy toward positive coping mechanisms and problem-solving.

Forgiveness also promotes adaptive coping strategies, allowing individuals to reframe their perspectives on challenges and view setbacks as opportunities for growth.

The act of forgiving not only facilitates the healing process but also cultivates a mindset that is better equipped to navigate upcoming hardships.

In essence, forgiveness serves as a powerful tool for building and reinforcing the mental fortitude required to overcome life’s inevitable obstacles.

Aseem Jha, Founder & Head of Customer Delivery, Legal Consulting Pro

Letting Go is Crucial to Evolve Past Hardships and Find Future Happiness

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The quotes in this collection serve as gentle reminders that letting go is a courageous act of self-love and forgiveness.

They encourage us to forgive not because others deserve it, but because we deserve peace. They remind us that every ending is the beginning of something new and that the beauty of life lies in our ability to release the old and welcome the new with open arms.

These quotes come from a diverse group of thinkers, writers, and spiritual leaders, each offering their unique perspective on the significance of letting go and the freedom that comes with forgiveness.

As you peruse these quotes, let them be a source of comfort and motivation. Let them remind you that it’s okay to release the grip on the narrative of the past, to forgive those who have wronged you, and to forgive yourself for the times you fell short.

Let them inspire you to embrace the unknown with optimism and to trust in the journey of becoming as you move forward. Don’t just spend time hoping that things will get better; actively identify areas of your life where you need to let go.

Remember, letting go is not a one-time event but a daily practice, a constant choice to live lighter, love freely, and move forward with an open heart.

In the space of letting go lies the freedom to be truly and authentically you. So, as you journey through these inspiring life quotes on how to let go, may you find the courage to let go of what no longer serves you, to forgive freely, and to step boldly into the luminous future that awaits.

Best Letting Go Quotes on Forgiveness

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Practicing forgiveness is a profound act of bravery that paves the way for new beginnings and endless possibilities.

  • “Forgiveness is freedom.”― Jenny C. Bell
  • “Forgiveness hurts but its reward is priceless.” ― Naide P Obiang
  • “Revenge stems from darkness. It won’t make you whole.” ― Shina Reynolds
  • “A mistake is only a mistake if you dwell on it. Let go and forgive.”― Akiroq Brost
  • “Forgiveness is letting go of the hope that the past can be changed.” — Oprah Winfrey
  • “I don’t think it is ever too late to seek forgiveness and rewrite your future.” — Carla Reighard
  • “Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.” — Buddha
  • “Forgive people who you believe have done you wrong. Let go. God will handle them.” — Germany Kent
  • “Just feel forgiveness in your heart. The universe will hear you and that will be enough.” — Maria Erving
  • “Everything and everyone that you hate is engraved upon your heart; if you want to let go of something, if you want to forget, you cannot hate.” — C. JoyBell C.
Forgiveness Liberates the Soul, Unlocking Inner Peace
  • “Grudges are for those who insist that they are owed something; forgiveness, however, is for those who are substantial enough to move on.” — Criss Jami
  • “Love is forgiving, accepting, moving on, embracing, and all-encompassing. And if you’re not doing that for yourself, you cannot do that with anyone else.” — Steve Maraboli
  • “The truth is, unless you let go, unless you forgive yourself, unless you forgive the situation, unless you realize that the situation is over, you cannot move forward.” — Steve Maraboli
  • “Inner peace can be reached only when we practice forgiveness. Forgiveness is letting go of the past, and is, therefore, the means for correcting our misperceptions.” — Gerald G. Jampolsky
  • “If someone breaks your heart, unburden yourself by seeking inner forgiveness. Then move ahead in life. Remember that each person who comes into your life serves a purpose.” — Anoir Ou-Chad
  • “Take stock of everyone who has ever wronged you in any way, regardless of how severe or recent it may have been, and make the choice to let go. Forgiveness is an act of the heart.” — Wayne Dyer

Strength in Vulnerability: Quotes on Courage and Change

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Whether you’re having a difficult letting go of past experiences or looking for inspiring quotes to motivate you, this section has you covered.

  • “Life is like this one big process of letting go.” — Adrianne Lenker
  • “One of the happiest moments in life is when you find the courage to let go of what you cannot change.” — Unknown
  • “Letting go works when we are following our hearts, but not so well when we are following a leader.” — Tara Stiles
  • “Holding onto something that is good for you now, may be the very reason why you don’t have something better.” — C. JoyBell C.
  • “One of the most courageous decisions you’ll ever make is finally letting go of what is hurting your heart and soul.” — Brigitte Nicole Quote
  • “I feel like, every single decision I make and every single album I make, it’s all about letting go. Letting go of the past and just getting on with it.” — John Grant
  • “By letting go of my fears and concerns, I’ve gained so much happiness and freedom. With that freedom I’ve also gained confidence.” — Sabrina Claudio
  • “Let go of certainty. The opposite isn’t uncertainty. It’s openness, curiosity, and a willingness to embrace paradox, rather than choose up sides.” — Tony Schwartz
  • “Incredible change happens in your life when you decide to take control of what you do have power over instead of craving control over what you don’t.” — Steve Maraboli
  • “Every woman that finally figured out her worth, has picked up her suitcases of pride and boarded a flight to freedom, which landed in the valley of change.” — Shannon L. Alder
  • “Think about what fears you have to let go or what beliefs you have to change or ingrain into, so that you can receive what you want and think about.” — Adriana Claudia Milcov
  • “It is your courage that supports your ability to let go of deadly attitudes, change the way you organize your time, change your relationships and change who and what you are.” — S. Walston

Inspiring Letting Go Quotes

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Use these quotes as a powerful reminder that you can let go and start the next chapter of your life.

  • “Last night I lost the world, and gained the universe.” — C. JoyBell C.
  • “The hardest part is what to leave behind, … It’s time to let go!” — A. A. Milne
  • “It took a while to understand the beauty of just letting go.” — Taylor Swift
  • “Let go of the things that make you feel dead. Life is worth living!” — Rihanna
  • “The only real battle in life is between hanging on and letting go.” — Shannon L. Alder
  • “Sometimes you definitely need to just let go. You need to sort of forget everything.” — Thea Gilmore
  • “We must be willing to let go of the life we have planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us.” — E. M. Forster
  • “In those moments when we realize how much we cannot control, we can learn to let go.” — Sharon Salzberg
  • “Holding on is believing that there’s only a past; letting go is knowing that there’s a future.” — Daphne Rose Kingma
Let Go Quotes With Lessons
  • “The only way to keep a friend is to let go his stupid faults, and keep his silly love for you, with a bushel full of salt.” — Fakeer Ishavardas
  • “Letting go of things and not being afraid of being ridiculous or over the top–I think that’s the main thing for me to work on.” — Charlotte Gainsbourg
  • “Most people believe that results matter. The idea that results matter is one that you have to keep letting go of. And most of the time, I believe it.” — Russell Simmons
  • “Your heart’s strength is measured by how hard it holds on. Your self-worth and faith are measured by finally letting go. However, your peace is measured by how long you don’t look back.” — Shannon L. Alder
  • “In order to be free, we must learn how to let go. Release the hurt. Release the fear. Refuse to entertain your old pain. The energy it takes to hang onto the past is holding you back from a new life. What is it you would let go of today?” — Mary Manin Morrissey

Emotional Quotes for Overcoming Pain and Healing

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Overcoming emotional and mental pain is a healing journey that requires courage, forgiveness, and resilience. It is a process of self-discovery and growth that allows us to emerge stronger and more whole, so “let your tears water the seeds” of what lies ahead of you.

  • “Do not let your hurt cause you to hate.” — Timothy King
  • “I follow four dictates: face it, accept it, deal with it, then let it go.” — Sheng-yen
  • “A bridge can still be built, while the bitter waters are flowing beneath.” — Anthony Liccione
  • “Time doesn’t heal emotional pain, you need to learn how to let go.” — Roy T. Bennett
  • “You will find that it is necessary to let things go; simply for the reason that they are heavy.” — C. Joybell C.
  • “Cry. Forgive. Learn. Move on. Let your tears water the seeds of your future happiness.” — Steve Maraboli
  • “Getting over a painful experience is much like crossing monkey bars. You have to let go at some point in order to move forward.” — C. S. Lewis
  • “Take all the time you need to heal emotionally. Moving on doesn’t take a day, it takes lots of little steps to be able to break free of your broken self.” — Tere Arigo

Quotes on Letting Go in Relationships

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Relationships shape our experiences, influence our growth, and contribute to our sense of self. However, not all relationships serve our well-being. Sometimes, we need to let go of relationships that no longer serve us to make room for ones that do.

  • “Even as I hold you, I am letting you go.” — Alice Walker
  • “You will evolve past certain people. Let yourself.” — Mandy Hale
  • “Sometimes you have to let go to see if there was anything worth holding onto.” — Socrates
  • “The most difficult aspect of moving on is accepting that the other person already did.” — Faraaz Kazi
  • “I’ve been burdened with blame trapped in the past for too long, I’m moving on.” — Rascal Flatts
  • “Letting go means to come to the realization that some people are a part of your history, but not a part of your destiny.” — Steve Maraboli
  • “Letting go doesn’t mean that you don’t care about someone anymore. It’s just realizing that the only person you really have control over is yourself.” — Deborah Reber
  • “If you spend your time hoping someone will suffer the consequences for what they did to your heart, then you’re allowing them to hurt you a second time in your mind.” — Shannon L. Alder
  • “I think anybody who has had a long relationship and has had a really hard time letting go, wants to feel like it’s not all for naught, and it’s meaningful, because it makes you who you are.” — Rashida Jones
  • “When you hold resentment toward another, you are bound to that person or condition by an emotional link that is stronger than steel. Forgiveness is the only way to dissolve that link and get free.” — Catherine Ponder

Quotes on Accepting the Past and Going Forward

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These letting go quotes tell us that by focusing on what is in front of us, we can ensure that what was once only the past does not dictate our future. Life moves on, and even a dark past cannot overshadow a bright future.

  • Life moves on and so should we.” — Spencer Johnson
  • “We have our future to explore. We won’t be slaves to the past.” — Tillie Cole
  • “Forget what hurt you but never forget what it taught you.” — Shannon L. Alder
  • “Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or lose.” — Lyndon B. Johnson
  • “Sometimes letting things go is an act of far greater power than hanging on.” —Eckhart Tolle
  • “Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.” — Buddha
  • “Realize deeply that the present moment is all you ever have. Make the Now the primary focus of your life.” — Eckhart Tolle
  • “Once you realize you deserve a bright future, letting go of your dark past is the best choice you will ever make.” — Roy T. Bennett
  • “There comes a time in your life when you have to choose to turn the page, write another book or simply close it.” — Shannon L. Alder
  • “People have a hard time letting go of their suffering. Out of a fear of the unknown, they prefer suffering that is familiar.” — Thich Nhat Hanh
  • Meditation is really letting go of all the thought processes or ‘mind traffic’ that gets in the way of just whatever is between you and space and consciousness.” — Trudie Styler
  • “As you become aware of what has robbed you of the purity of an innocent mind, a clear heart and a strong body, you will be deeply served by letting go of those familiar limitations.” — Debbie Ford

Let Go Quotes on Overcoming Fear and Taking Risks

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Conquering fear is the ultimate challenge, a powerful act of courage. It requires us to face our fears, challenge them, and ultimately overcome them- and you are the only person who can do it for yourself. This section explores quotes about conquering fear that inspire courage and resilience.

  • “Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not absence of fear.” — Mark Twain
  • “It is important that we forgive ourselves for making mistakes. We need to learn from our errors and move on.” — Steve Maraboli
  • “Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that something else is more important than fear.” — Ambrose Redmoon
  • “The biggest risk is not taking any risk. In a world that’s changing quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks.” — Mark Zuckerburg
  • “When one door closes, another opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us.” — Alexander Graham Bell

It’s Not About Losing, It’s About Gaining

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In the journey of life, we often find ourselves at crossroads, clutching onto memories, people, and past versions of ourselves. However, the art of letting go and embracing forgiveness is a transformative process that can lead to profound personal growth and happiness.

Letting go is not about losing; it’s about gaining.

It’s about making room for new experiences, relationships, and versions of ourselves that are waiting just on the horizon. It’s about shedding the heavy burdens of resentment, anger, and past hurts that weigh us down, preventing us from soaring into our potential.

Forgiveness, both of oneself and others, is a key component of letting go. It is a powerful act of liberation that frees us from the chains of negativity and allows us to step into a brighter, more peaceful future.

This article is more than just a collection of quotes; it’s an invitation to embark on the most important journey you will ever take—the journey within.

It’s a call to sift through the layers of past experiences, to heal, to grow, and to emerge stronger and more connected to the essence of who you truly are.

Hopefully as you read through these powerful words of wisdom, they touched your heart, shifted your perspective, and guided you towards a path of renewal and transformation.

Did you have a favorite quote from this list of letting go quotes?

Please share it with us in the comment section!

Or tell us about an experience where you let go of someone or something and what you gained from it.

We would love to hear from you!

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